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Tirrell's Story

Through your church's Annual Offering, Tirrell was adopted into God's family June 16th and will be adopted into the Stuebe family later this year.

Each day is a victory for Tirrell. With John and Erin Stuebe, his foster and soon to be adoptive parents, surrounding him with love and support, the 14 year old is thriving. Few could ever look past Tirrell’s bright smile and perceive the darkness that consumed his childhood.

Tirrell Arms Raised in Victory.jpg

As a boy, Tirrell’s life was shrouded in shadow. Not even the people who lived near him knew what he endured within his childhood home. Rarely did his family allow the boy out of his bedroom. Rice was the only food they fed him. He had no toys except for a worn set of wooden blocks. He was not allowed to attend school. Tirrell’s entire world could be measured by the space inside his bedroom walls.

One day, a family member had no choice but to take him to the hospital when he developed extreme sores on his legs. It was then social services became involved removing Tirrell from the home and placing him in the NC foster care system.

A judge assigned to Tirrell’s case asked the family member why he was isolated and not allowed to attend school. The family member responded,  “He wasn’t worth the gas money.”

Tirrell and John Beach Kite.jpg

When Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) foster care supervisor Jessie Chilson became aware of Tirrell’s situation, God nudged her to call John and Erin Stuebe. The Stuebe’s are licensed foster parents through the EVERY CHILD initiative, a partnership between BCH and NC Baptists.


“Jessie pulled up to our house and the car door opened,” John recalls of the day Tirrell arrived. “Tirrell got out with his walker. His legs were bandaged up, but he had a big smile on his face. He came into our home, set the walker down and never used it again.”

One year makes a difference.JPG

“He came into our home, set the walker down and never used it again.”


- John Stuebe

Tirrell was nearly nonverbal because of his years of isolation. Erin left her career to home school Tirrell. From simple math to being taught the meaning of different emotions, Tirrell was a quick learner. The same held true in attending church and hearing the Gospel for the first time. Through the discipleship of John and Erin plus his involvement at their church, Tirrell started memorizing scripture, and it began working in his heart. On June 16, 2023, Tirrell was adopted into the family of God when he accepted Christ.

Watch Tirrell's full story below.
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