Their Story



Their home was a TENT. Their hope began to FADE. Their future looked DARK. But you gave them new HOPE!



1. The brothers lived in the woods.

North Carolina brothers Jacob and Jonah, ages 13 and 9, lived in a worn-out tent with their mother in the woods. Mom had no job. What little money she had was spent on her addictions and could not provide a safe home to her sons. The boys bathed in a nearby creek.


2. They cooked over a campfire.

If there was any food, Jacob and Jonah cooked over the campfire just a few feet away from their tent. Most of the time, they depended on lunch meals when they were able to catch the bus on time. The boys hid extra rolls and crackers from the cafeteria in their pockets.


3. The state took custody.

Finally, the NC Department of Social Services discovered their desperate situation. They moved quickly to remove the boys from their mother's custody. The state knew the brothers needed a safe place where they could be together. They called BCH later that day.


4. They were welcomed to BCH.

Because of your offering, the brothers were able to come to Baptist Children's Homes (BCH).The cottage parents had clean clothes ready for the boys. They immediately fixed food to feed them. The boys' smiles grew wide when they saw their bedroom and warm beds.  


5. They weren't hungry anymore. 

For the first time in awhile, the boys didn't have to worry about being hungry and hoard cafeteria food. They learned they could trust their cottage parents to feed them regular meals. They learned that NC Baptists help provide the food and necessities they receive.


6. The boys learned about Jesus. 

As the boys began to trust that their needs were always going to be met, that opened the door for the cottage parents to share the Gospel. The brothers received their own bibles. The cottage parents took them to church and led devotions with all the children in the cottage.


7. It was their first "Merry" Christmas. 

Unlike past seasons, Christmas was filled with joy. It was a time of family for them and the other children. And they heard the Christmas story and learned what the true many of the season was all about. At BCH, the boys could enjoy a childhood free of heartache and worry.

The story of Jacob and Jonah shows how your church's offering is North Carolina rescuing children from unimaginable neglect and abuse. You make it possible for them to have a safe, compassionate home at Baptist Children's Homes where they are safe, loved and can hear the Gospel, often for the very first time.

Watch their story below and share.

Note: The boys' names and photos have been changed for their privacy and safety.