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Videos are available to download and share with your church. You can find more videos on our Vimeo page.


Tyler's Baptism | Offering 2024

Chris Ciufos, who serves as one of the pastors at Cowee Baptist Church in Franklin, baptizes his then foster son Tyler. Tyler made a decision to follow Christ in Summer 2023. Seventeen-year-old Tyler and two-year-old brother Liam were NC foster care children who were fostered by the Ciufos and the Welches, couples at Cowee who were trained and licensed by Baptist Children's Homes (BCH) staff through the EVERY CHILD Foster & Adopt partnership with NC Baptists. Today, the two brothers are adopted and have found their forever family with the Ciufos and their four biological children. 

Our Heartbeat | One minute promo

The heart of Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina beats with a rhythm of hope that echoes in the lives of children, families, special needs adults, single mothers, birth mothers and everyone we have the privilege to serve. Watch this short overview of our ministry and learn more by visiting the "Our Heartbeat" page at

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