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Leaders Guide


THANK YOU for ministering to children and families through the Annual Offering. This is your guide for recommendations and resources to help your church collect its best offering.



The timeline below offers recommendations to help you plan for your Baptist Children's Homes (BCH) offering:

  • Pray: Ask God to lead your church's efforts and in setting your offering goal.

  • Order Resources: Make sure you have enough materials. If you still need envelopes, bulletin inserts, posters, etc., order online or call 336-474-1209.

  • Schedule a BCH speaker to share at your church. Call 336-474-1209 or visit

  • Consider showing a video each week.

  • Mark the Week of Prayer (Nov. 6 - 13) on your calendar or choose the dates most convenient for your church to participate.

  • Hang your offering posters.

  • Make announcements during in-person and online services.

  • Announce your goal and share your offering plan.

  • Show the videos - they share stories of lives changed through your offering. Discuss the offering's importance before or after showing the video. Include videos in your online services, e-blasts and social media.

  • Share promo graphics on your website/social media pages.

  • Share in your bulletin, newsletters and emails.

  • Distribute the offering envelopes and bulletin inserts which include the Week of Prayer guide. Ask church members to use the guide to pray for the BCH ministry.

  • Collect your offering and send it to the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.

  • Online giving is crucial to collecting your best offering. Add “Baptist
    Children’s Homes” as a choice on your church’s online giving page. Let
    your congregation know that giving their offering online is an option through announcements, social media and email newsletters.

  • If you cannot add the Children's Homes as a designated option to your church's online giving or if you do not have your own online giving platform, you can direct them to give at



Share the Baptist Children's Homes story with church members and keep them updated about your offering plans by using the resources we've prepared for you.


Baptist Children's Homes Vimeo Channel or Video page on this website are the primary places to view and download videos.The new Cook family video is available plus a number of short videos that will fit your service’s order of worship.


Share the Baptist Children's Homes story with church members and keep them updated about your offering plans by using the resources we've prepared for you.


Download art and social media images to share through your multi-media platforms. You can find more digital download on the Resources and Digital Download pages.

Annual Offering Week of Prayer - Baptist Children's Homes.jpg
80 percent social media - Baptist Children's Homes.jpg
Baptist Children_s Homes - Cook Foster Care Family SLIDE STANDARD.jpg



God is writing stories of redemption in the hearts and lives of boys and girls. Your church is part of their life-changing stories!


Schedule a speaker to share the Baptist Children's Homes story with your church. A speaker will come at a time convenient for you. Dates fill up quickly so please contact us today by calling 336-474-1209 or by clicking below.

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